98 Podcast Episode 27 – Alexandra Bunton

Alex began her professional career in 2009, for the Australian Institute of Sport. After the AIS, she was signed by her hometown side, Canberra Capitals. After spending two seasons under Carrie Graf alongside the likes of Lauren Jackson, Alex then signed with the Adelaide Lightning in 2014. After a year in Adelaide, she then signed with the Dandenong Rangers for the 2015–16 season.

In 2016, she was signed by Dynamo Moscow to play in the 2016–17 season of the Russian Premier League and the Eastern European Basketball Women’s League.

Over the years she has undergone 11 knee surgeries and now coming out of a short break she has resumed her playing career with the Capitals once again. Alex is also now the proud mother of her daughter Opal May. This was such a great chat, Alex is hands down one of my favourite guests!