Meet the Maker - Kalcie

September 18 2018
What drew us to Kalcie when we were first introduced to it, is what keeps us coming back to feature new designs - delicate, effortless, finely crafted pieces with soul and purpose. 

Meet the Maker - Darling Daydream

September 12 2018
Tonylynn Papa - the owner of Darling Daydream - started her creative journey when she worked as a performer on a cruise ship! Read more to find out where it took her!

Meet the Maker - Bonblissity

September 07 2018

Meet the Maker - Jesse and Co

August 22 2018
Felice Jacobson is the sweet and unassuming creative presence behind Jesse and Co - a collection of leather and jewelry accessories designed and handcrafted in Southern California.  Read more about her philosophy and style in today's Meet the Maker.

Meet the Maker - MidiQueen Handbags

August 16 2018

The wonderful and talented Kristina Clark is back to feature another MidiQueen product in the July California Found collection, this time the Lulu, a swanky little wristlet that will be your take everywhere, do everything new favorite.

Meet the Maker - Forever Poppin

August 14 2018
It's no wonder Danny and Joseph - the creatives behind Forever Poppin quite literally beam with delight at the reactions of their customers. People lose their marbles for their staggeringly beautiful, decidedly artsy work and rightly so! 

Meet the Maker - Vive Snacks

August 09 2018
Say goodbye and good riddance to sugary cereal bars and candy. Say hello to Vive.

Meet the Maker - Geometric Fossils

August 07 2018
Say hello to Geometric Fossils - beautiful one-of-a-kind modern concrete holders as unique as your fingerprint.

July, 2018 Collection

August 07 2018
See what was in our July, 2018 Collection and where you can find it!

June, 2018 Collection

July 30 2018
See what we featured in our June, 2018 Collection and where you can find it.

Meet the Maker - Nora's Food Company

July 26 2018
Seriously yummy unprocessed snacks that have no refined ingredients and are always preservative and chemical free. Thanks Nora!

Meet the Maker - Laguna Beach Textile Company

July 19 2018
Resort-like quality towels and blankets for the beach and bath without the resort-like prices? Oh yeah.

Meet the Maker - Sweet Llamita

July 13 2018
Brenda Castillo is the wonderfully talented and clever Maker behind Sweet Llamita. Her greeting card collection recognizes the beauty in all the glorious shades that we are, in all the communities that we are a part of.  Check it out.

Meet the Maker - Betsey Carter

July 10 2018
We have crossed paths with Betsey Carter at Maker events across the state and she's always generous with a warm smile and a chit-chat. Talk about personifying the California spirit - she embodies "no bad days".

Meet the Maker - Honey Belle

July 05 2018
Say hello to Honey Belle - your skin care game changer. Read more about the mission and makers behind this luxurious natural brand.

May, 2018 Collection

June 22 2018
Here's what we featured in May, and where you can find it.

Meet the Maker - Pacific Pickle Works

June 21 2018
To the deeply loved but clearly neglected Bloody Mary. To the offshoot Bloody Maria (that's a Mary with Tequila - you're welcome). To the many cheese plates and relish trays that we failed to elevate to cult status we say, "We have seen the error of our ways and we have been redeemed." Thanks to the Pickles at Pacific Pickle Works.

Meet the Maker - Saltwater & Feathers

June 19 2018
There's a calm and a warmth that comes through in every hand-illustrated, sustainable Saltwater & Feathers design. You'll think of a dozen friends who would love them. Then you'll think about how they'd deliver the perfect dose of calm to the craziness of your office space. To give or to keep? The struggle is real.
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