Meet the Maker - Four Points Trading Co.

Fun facts about you and your beautiful nose:

1. Humans can detect at least one trillion olfactory stimuli (that's smells to you and me) leaving our other senses in the comparative dust. You may be able to see several million different colors and distinguish almost half a million different audible tones, but your sniffer? It is driving the sensical bus. Researchers from Rockefeller University tested people’s sense of smell by using different mixtures of odor molecules. The results, published in the journal SCIENCE in March of 2014 showed that we crazy humans can smell at least one trillion distinct scents. 

2. Smells get routed through the olfactory bulb (OB), the smell-analyzing part of our grey matter. The OB is connected to grey matter that manages memory and emotion. Which is why smell is such a crazy powerful memory trigger. Humans ... so cool, amiright?

Inspired by their own olfactory memories, Annie and Scott Signore, the founders of Four Points Trading Co., have developed a line of candles that just may trigger some of your favorite days gone by! We met them at the Rose Bowl Flea Market way back when and run into them often at Maker shows. The experience is always delightfully familiar. People are picking up candles with curious looks - Chocolate Strawberries? Buttermilk Pancakes? Fresh Cut Grass? Gasoline?? Scott is strolling the booth, answering questions. Annie is giggling to the point of teary eyes as people FREAK at these fragrances. "Try the Fruit Loops!" she says, "Have you tried Carrot Cake?" Strangers are handing candles back and forth - Buttered Popcorn ... Candy Apple ... pulling each other into the experience. It's hilarious and magical. Everyone has a memory that's stirred by roses or bourbon or cotton candy. Wisteria is the house we lived in when my boys were tiny. Cherry Tobacco is my Grampa. Fresh Baked Bread is my own kitchen in the fall.

Think about it for a second. What aromas set you in a previous place and time? It's powerful stuff right? Four Points Trading Co. brings you back to that moment - no carbs, no hangovers, no seasonal allergies.

December subscribers received a Four Points Trading Co. 4oz. Soy Candle in Spiced Cranberry - it's as cozy as firelight on a rainy night (retail: $11.95).

Rekindle your favorite memories and take 10% off your purchase with code CAFOUND at the Four Points Trading Co. website.

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