Meet the Maker - Avant Card Studio

Nicole Ritterstein is the, "Act like a lady. Think like a boss." owner of Avant Card Studio. Most of the photos I've seen of her, she's peeking out from behind a camera lens or artistically out of focus obscured by one of her clever, clever greeting cards. To the casual observer she may appear shy and unassuming, but I'm not at all convinced that's true. She's also an incredible photographer, that's absolutely true. Her images show the viewer California in a whole new way. She captures light and warmth and texture and color in places you wouldn't typically expect. Her images are the foundation of her product line, and they are stunning. So there's that part of Nicole, then there's the other part: the doppleganger, the rascal. She says what we're all thinking. She's irreverent. She's unapologetic. Unless her apology is something like, "Sorry for being a Bitch." Yeah, that's one of her cards. I could probably stand to stock up on that one. I also love "You're F*%&king Rad" and, "Fearlessly Authentic" and, "Wake Up. Be Awesome. Repeat." and, "Insert Inspirational Quote" and, "Zen AF" and so many others.

Subscribers to the November California Found collection received two Avant Card Studio's large greeting cards and one mini card (MSRP $12.50). We had a terrible time choosing just three for our subscribers. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options. Start or add to your collection with code CAFOUNDCARDS and take 15% off your purchase at You'll smile giving. They'll smile getting. Everybody wins.

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