Meet the Maker - The Belle & Beast Organics

We discovered The Belle & Beast Organics at the Rose Bowl Flea Market at the very beginning of our California Found journey. With products like Yas Queen, a vegan shimmer body oil, and My Only Bags Are Handbags under eye serum, we were hooked on the sassy attitude of these products from the giddy-up. And then we met Christy, the sweet and sassy Belle of the operation. For real, that's her and her beast's profiles on their logo. She is warm and funny and starts virtually every sentence with "You should meet ..." or "You know who you'd love? ..." or "I saw this and thought of you ..." She offers up support freely, advice if you ask, and encouragement with no expectations. She's just a good human, that believes in the tribe — rare and wonderful. Like many of the Makers we encounter, her path to The Belle & Beast Organics began with her struggles with her own skin — which is about as perfect as you can ask for. So ... clever, sassy product names, check. Smart, charming, lovely, tribal proprietor, check. But the key to The Belle & Beast Organics is the products work. They do what they promise, period. We tested the Organic Antioxidant Face Oil and the I Woke Up Like This hydrating hair serum and our skin glowed ... our hair shimmered ... we were so pretty! Our February subscribers got their own pretty on with either Rosé All Day DIY Facial Mask and Pretty AF Facial Toner, or So Lit DIY Facial Mask and The Struggle is Real Facial Toner (MSRP: $26.50/Set). Use code: CAFLOVER for 15% off your order of $15 or more at (Exp. 8/31/18)

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