Meet the Maker - The Belle and Beast Organics

We've been on this California Found adventure for a year now. It's been wild and wonderful and we wouldn't change a thing. Actually, we'd change a lot in hindsight, but the learning has been worth every teeny, tiny misstep. And the teachers, mentors, friends we've met along the way make the journey all the sweeter. 

We discovered The Belle & Beast Organics at the Rose Bowl Flea Market at the very beginning of our California Found journey and have come to know Christy,  the lady boss behind the brand as the year went on. She's quick with encouragement and ready with a laugh - both incredibly necessary qualities when you're starting a business from scratch like we were. And that's her and her beast's profiles on the logo! Come on! Cute right?? She also happens to make exceptional products, with a deep commitment to transparency in skincare ingredients, that perform as promised. When it comes to skincare, to me that's the gold standard. And speaking of gold ... (yep, did that) ... for our anniversary collection, we featured The Belle and Beast Organics YAS QUEEN Shimmer Body Oil in Rose Gold (retail: $32.50) because it's just so gorgeous (like you!). It's less about sparkle, and more about shimmer and glow - like candlelight. It looks beautiful on a multitude of skin tones and it hydrates without feeling slick or tacky. Use it on your face, on your body, in your serum or foundation or as a highlighter. It's the perfect get-your-glow-on multitasker from the holiday season right on into resort season. Use code: FOUNDLOVE for 15% off your online order. (Exp. 3/31/19)

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