Meet the Maker - Belle & Beast Organics

Belle & Beast Organics is back with our absolute favorite product of their beautiful line! In February, we introduced our community of California artisan supporters and small batch lovers to Belle & Beast Organics Antioxidant Face Oil. If you've tried it, you're telling your friends - if you haven't, simply put, you must. 

This blend of 11 oils has been an absolute game changer for my skin.

It has a beautifully light floral-meets-herbal fragrance that makes each application feel like I'm doing something luxurious for myself - but let me assure you this is serious skin care.  What was once extremely sensitive and prone to redness and itchiness is now soothed and hydrated. My fine lines (gasp) have smoothed and I've noticed recently that my dark spots, cultivated through sun worshiping in my teens and twenties, are definitely lightening! So exciting! I've seen incredible improvement in the tone and texture of my skin with this product, and it is a forever part of my skincare routine. The consistency is incredibly light and the "dry" oils used in this formulation absorb quickly and don't leave behind anything but glowing skin. I warm a few drops in my hands and press it into my skin right after cleansing, followed by sunscreen by day. At night, I add a few more drops than my morning routine and use it the same way - warm it in my hands and press it into my skin. My skin drinks it uuuup overnight. It's a total love thing.

We discovered The Belle & Beast Organics at the very beginning of our California Found journey and have come to know Christy, the lady boss behind the brand as time went on. She's quick with encouragement and ready with a laugh - both incredibly necessary qualities when you're starting a business from scratch like we were. We love Christy's deep commitment to transparency in skincare ingredients that perform as promised. When it comes to skincare, to me that's the gold standard. Try Antioxidant Face Oil for as little as $22.00 for the travel size we featured in the February California Found Collection. Even better, use code: FOUNDLOVE for 15% off your online order. (Exp. 4/30/19)

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