Belle & Beast Organics - July 2019

If you've been with us for a bit, you know I am completely, hopelessly in love with Belle & Beast Organics products. We've featured masks, toners, face oil (ah-mazing) and in the July collection our latest obsession, I Woke Up Like This hydrating hair serum. Before I jump into the product, indulge me a little backstory.

Christy Marderosian, one of the most authentic and lovely people on this planet, began making her own beauty products at the tender age of 15, ultimately turning her personal journey into a full-time business. With an intense commitment to transparency in ingredients and a crazy playful nature, Belle & Beast Organics provides organic, affordable, sassy skin and hair care for everyone!

Ok, let's talk hair. I have a dear friend who has the most gorgeous hair. She always has. Of course, she's a wash and go kinda girl and seriously, her hair looks like you wish your blow-out would look - glossy, thick, just the right amount of movement. It's maddening. We call it her superpower. My hair? Not so much. It's fine and crazy-curly and generally unruly. Once in awhile I muscle it into submission and glue it down with hairspray to avoid the 2% humidity that it apparently seeks out and absorbs from our very dry Southern California air. If there's frizz to be had, look no further than my locks. Enter I Woke Up Like This, hydrating serum from Belle & Beast Organics. Christy suggests applying 2 - 5 drops to damp hair to smooth. I apply on the heavier side of that guideline and am left with Keri-hair (that's my friend). It's smooth, it's well behaved, it bends to my will! If I'm feeling particularly chic (read: lazy), my go-to is an updo secured with a CA Makes bun pin (we featured them last year... love). A couple of drops of I Woke Up Like This post-styling leaves in its wake a smooth finish: shiny and tidy. And the fragrance is so lovely. You know it's there... you can see the botanicals at the bottom of the bottle! It's a little herbal, a little floral, a little citrusy. Just perfectly clean. Everyone who was lucky enough to score our sold-out July collection received a bottle of this multi-tasking hair wonder. You can still get your own or anything else in the Belle & Beast Organics line. Use code FoundLove for 15% off your purchase until 9/15/19.

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