Meet the Maker - Burly Beverages

We loved Gabriel Aiello the head honcho at Burly Beverages (and sidekick Meg) from the giddy up because 1. they're friendly and funny; 2. they make amazing local products and sample them generously; and 3. those products can incorporate booze. It was a trifecta from the start.

We're summer G & T drinkers so our first experience with Burly Shrub Syrup was their Black Lime and Bay Leaf. It's exactly what the name suggests: herbaceous, citrusy, complex. We swapped a little in place of that squeeze of lime that typically tops our tonic water and we were hooked. Burly elevates a classic gin & tonic to craft cocktail status minus the crowds and loud music.

Next we tried Cranberry and Juniper - the flavor we ultimately featured in our September Collection (2 oz. MSRP $5.95). This flavor, paired with whiskey is like opening the door to autumn and saying "come in old friend, take a load off." It's cozy, it nods to an Old Fashioned, it's like that first cool night that warrants a fire in the fireplace - all in a rocks glass.

Burly Beverages are made by hand in Sacramento. Their all-natural, small batch shrub syrups, soda syrups and cocktail mixers are packed with burly flavor and contain no corn syrup, no added preservatives, nothing weird. We like that. You will too. Can't decide on a flavor? Visit their website for cocktail recipes that will delight and inspire. Choose from the entire Burly Beverages line and use code BURLYCF for 25% off your first order. I told you they were generous.


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