Bon Vivant Designs, October 2019

If you're a Bon Vivant, you're a person who loves to live life luxuriously - and doesn't that define us all - even if it's just a tiny bit? Everyone wants a little lux in their life. Bon Vivant Designs is obsessed with building beauty and a little luxury into all things leather, metal, and stone. They artfully turn organic elements into beautifully colored and textured items that inspire loving self-care and a comfortably chic home. Now doesn't that just slow your heart rate down a touch? Just thinking about a little self-care and a comfortably chic home makes me relax and breathe a little easier. 

Formed in 2014, Bon Vivant is a woman-owned design house of substantive style. They firmly believe that a luxurious life can be lived while preserving our planetʼs future. They manifest that belief by using only recycled, lead-free pewter and recycled leather whenever possible.

We fell in love with their Amethyst Rollerball and Sleep Essential Oil Blend. Raw amethyst stones and a polished amethyst roller ball, said to help with insomnia, are paired with a soothing blend of bergamot, ylang-ylang, and lavender essential oils to encourage relaxation and invite a night of restful sleep. The start of the sometimes-crazy holiday season is the perfect time to use this luxurious little beauty. And for those of you who, like me, have several rollerballs - all unmarked - fear not! This one says sleep right on it... so encouraging. Keep it within reach on your nightstand.

The October collection included the  Amethyst Rollerball and Sleep Essential Oil Blend beautifully packaged in its own organza bag (Retail: $39.00). Get one for yourself or any other little bit of luxury that Bon Vivant offers and use code CAFOUND15 for 15% off your purchase. Inhale, Exhale, Inhale, Exhale. 

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