Simply Straws - July 2019

By now we're all more plugged-in to the idea that single-use, plastic straws are just evil. They're devoid of redeeming qualities. They litter. They harm sea life. They are not earth-conscious. Let's face it. If I described your partner that way, you'd be questioning your relationship choices. 

Communities across the country are banning single-use straws in restaurants, which is a step, but come on peeps. Do we need to legislate responsible care for our planet? Well, yes actually, we do, but that's another conversation. My point is this: good is good, and we inherently want to do good. All we need are compelling, easy to adopt alternatives to the earth-blood sucking things we're all collectively doing now and change will come. So start small. Start with your straws

Imagine the looks you'll get from your envious fellow restaurant patrons when you bust out a stunningly beautiful, conversational, sexy-as-you-are glass straw! You're earth conscious and animal friendly and just frickin' happening! Feels good right? 

Our July collection included a Simply Straws Classic Revive Sip Set (MSRP: $21.00). It's a cute little mason jar lid, a glass straw, AND a brush for easy cleaning. The set fits a standard size mason jar for sun tea, or lemonade, or whatever non-pumpkin spice beverage you're enjoying (too soon Starbucks, too soon). 

And imagine, in the not-too-distant future we'll all be saying, "OMG, remember when straws were plastic?" and our grand babies will be saying, "You used to use a straw once and throw it away?? That's bananas!"

Change. It happens. It's necessary. Be a part of it. 

Score your own Sip Set and save a bit of green as you go green. Use code CAFOUND19 for 20% off your Simply Straws order until 9/30/2019. 

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