Meet the Maker - Charming Little Lotus

We met Helen, the always authentic and super friendly designer, producer, and wonderwoman at the heart of Charming Little Lotus at one of the first Maker shows we attended. Her work truly took our breath away and we knew immediately that she would someday need to be a part of the California Found family. Her designs are centered around the lotus plant. The detail and delicacy with which she is able to shape metal into wearable art is truly astounding. It took us a long while to align our schedule with Helen's and we're so thrilled to introduce her work to our audience. She chose the lotus as the inspiration for her line because it represents transformation. It grows in murky water and breaks through the surface of the water blossoming completely untouched by the dirt. To Helen, it represents breaking through obstacles, growing, and showing your strength and beauty to the world. She believes that jewelry, much like her many tattoos, is a silent form of self-expression, a subtle reminder to keep you moving forward or a tangible reminder of memorable moments in your life. Working primarily with recycled sterling silver, Helen utilizes traditional metal-smithing techniques to forge, form, connect and create. Each piece is finished by hand with the intention of it becoming a unique treasure to be cherished for years to come. 

Helen says she "creates with a joyful heart and calm mind so you can be assured that each piece has been produced with care, infused with positive energy and sent out into the world with good thoughts." We think that's quite perfect, indeed. The California Found March collection featured her gorgeously understated Lotus Petal Hoop Earrings (retail: $40.00). These lighter than air beauties are simple enough for everyday and elegant enough to dress up. If you missed our March collection, you can still express your strength and beauty to the world, and we're happy to help. Get your own pair of Lotus Petal Hoop Earrings or anything else from the Charming Little Lotus  line and use code Calfound20  for 20% off your purchase. Consider yourself transformed, Sunshine.

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