Meet the Maker - Christine May Brand

Sometimes we get incredibly lucky and an artisan will reach out to support what we're doing and learn more about our community. Christine May Brand was one of those folks and oh my, we are so pleased and privileged to feature her work in our February collection. Christine is an artist and surface designer based in Carpinteria, CA, just south of Santa Barbara. Imagine an unpretentious, walkable beach town where everyone knows everyone and nearly everyone is walking a dog, and you're pretty much there. It's an amazing place for a coffee or a beer or a seaglass search. There's a Harbor Seal Preserve there which is home to almost 100 adult seals and their cubs. The beach is closed for 750 feet on either side of their nesting area from December through May when the baby seals of the season are newborn, but you can observe the Preserve via the bluffs above - super cute - totally magical. 

Living near the coast with the mountains close by, Christine uses her local surroundings as inspiration… with a touch of imagination mixed in! Motivated by the process of creating colorful art for your everyday enjoyment, Christine creates illustrations for note cards, vinyl stickers, phone cases, textiles, and more. When she’s not in her studio space, you’ll most likely find her beachcombing.

The February California Found collection included four notecards from Christine's "Masked Flora" collection. She creates them by first freehand drawing with masking fluid, then applying watercolor to the paper. She then removes the masking fluid to reveal the final design. She posted a video of the process recently on her instagram account - @naturepluspigment. It is nothing short of miraculous. She makes it look like a day at the beach. See what I did there? Get a set for yourself or anything from Christine's Etsy Artist Shop and use the code YAYCALIFORNIA for 15% off your purchase until 4/30/19.

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