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I'm not a saver. In fact, I'm the opposite of a saver, not always in a good way. I am perpetually asking my family, "Where is our ... (extra coffee maker, spring tablecloth, fish griller that's shaped like a fish ...)?" "You donated it" is the frequent refrain. Damn it.

Point is, I like simplicity. I like open, and airy, and uncomplicated. Which is why I love what Brenna Van Norman, the artist behind Craft and Copper calls "adornments for everyday life".

We featured a piece from Craft and Copper's jewelry line in our April collection, but Brenna designs beautiful home goods as well. The foundation of all her work is simplicity. She lets the designs breathe, which I truly love. When you wear or display her work, there's a lightness about it that's incredibly special. It's unique but somehow so familiar that it's the piece you go back to every day. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.

We met Brenna back in early December at a Gather Handmade event and instantly connected with her. She's warm and friendly and was super stoked about our mission! Our lucky April subscribers received a beautiful, airy pair of Craft and Copper Mini Quartz Hoops (MSRP: $36.00).

You can experience Craft and Copper's relaxed and casually beautiful style and take a calming 20% off your jewelry purchase using code CAFOUND (Exp. 8/31/18). Now inhale .... aaaand exhale. Nice right?

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