Meet the Maker - Crunchy Beauty

We are delighted to welcome Crunchy Beauty back to California Found for another feature. Crunchy Beauty was created by former science teacher, Miriam Mabrey, to provide the world with truly natural skin care products with no synthetic ingredients or preservatives. We love that she skillfully combines her scientific knowledge, with her commitment to safe, clean ingredients to deliver products that perform as promised without harmful chemicals.

We met Miriam last spring and featured her amazing Moisturizing Cream in our April, 2018 collection. We've also tested Crunchy Beauty Body Oil on my son's insanely dry skin (made worse by our Santa Ana winds) and it is the only thing that has ever actually worked for him. We are total Crunchy Beauty converts, and this time they're back with a treat for your underarms (and perhaps a boon to your social life)! 

Miriam has developed a fantastic Underarm Clay Mask and Deodorant combination that will change the way you think about that little valley between your bicep and your rib cage! The clay mask is formulated to thoroughly cleanse the underarm area so that anyone can start using natural deodorant. Try it once daily for a week and then once a week to keep your funk-factor in check.

Crunchy Beauty's Liquid Deodorant is unique in that it is baking soda free, has a magnesium base, and uses organic essential oils. It will not stain your clothes or clog your pores. We featured Crunchy Beauty Liquid Deodorant in their Geranium & Lemongrass scent. It's a lightly floral, herbal, and citrus blend that smells light and clean. 

September subscribers received both Crunchy Beauty Underarm Clay Mask (MSRP $15.00) and Liquid Deodorant (MSRP $15.00). Use code CALIFORNIAFOUND for 20% off your Crunchy Beauty purchase of $40 or more until 12/31/18. If you want clean, healthy, funk-free skin that smells like plants, not like chemicals ... raise your hand. See what I did there?


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