Darling Daydream - May 2019

We are so delighted to welcome Darling Daydream back to California Found. The ultra-positive owner of this motivational brand, Toneylynn Papa, was introduced to us by another spectacular ladyboss - the "Belle" behind The Belle & Beast Organics. And if you believe as we do, that you can tell a lot about a person by the company she keeps ... then you'd know that Toneylynn is a pretty special human. I mean - her life's work is to spread a little kindness. We love that!

Toneylynn started her creative journey when she worked as a performer on a cruise ship! Isolation and a grueling schedule left her craving the balance that a creative outlet can provide. Three years later she turned her hobby into a business and launched her line of cards and paper goods. She bases her work on quotes that she finds personally motivating and inspiring, and her philosophy is 'a little bit of kindness goes a long way'.

For our May collection, we decided on a trio of her beautifully understated greeting cards to get you through the Dads & Grads season. We love the way Darling Daydream captures the positive juju - minus the sugar overload. The sentiments are simple and honest and sometimes a tiny bit sassy like “Thanks Dad. I turned out awesome.” I sent that one to MY dad and he got a huge kick out of it. 

Be ready for the next sentiment-worthy occasion, whether it's a birthday "I'm so glad you were born." card, or a print for your ladyboss bestie that reminds her that she's "busy making things happen." Darling Daydream has the words, beautifully written, that help you say exactly what's on your mind. They also offers mugs, totes, makeup bags, banners and the most adorbs vinyl name decals that I can totally see in a children's room and I'm betting would be your little girl's everything. 

Use code DAYDREAM10 for 10% off your Darling Daydream order of $15 or more. Now go spread a little kindness of your own.

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