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Danny and Joseph - the brilliance behind Forever Poppin - love their work. And who wouldn't?! Remember the pop-up books from your youth? I remember paging through the pop-up of Sleeping Beauty. I remember viscerally the center pop-up (always the best one). It was Sleeping Beauty's Castle and it was GLORIOUS. When I met Danny & Joseph at one of our local Maker Fairs, I found myself right back at Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Except the intricacy of the Forever Poppin greeting cards outpaces 1970s Sleeping Beauty by leaps and bounds and ferris wheels and dinosaurs and cherry blossoms.

Standing at the Forever Poppin booth, it's no wonder that Danny and Joseph quite literally beam with delight at the reactions of their customers. People lose their marbles for this decidedly artsy work and rightly so! Customers buzz from card to card giddily showing them off to their friends. "Did you see the Wedding Couple?", "Did YOU see the Pirate Ship?" The detail in Forever Poppin's greeting cards is staggering. We've never seen anything like it. You truly have to experience it. 

Forever Poppin is bringing the simple gesture of greeting cards back in a super cool and interactive way. They offer playful cards that will delight the kiddos - and eye-poppingly gorgeous designs that will delight even the most serious adult peeps.

July subscribers received two Forever Poppin pop-up greeting cards. Everyone got the extraordinary Ferris Wheel modeled after the one on the Santa Monica Pier, and either the Old School Rotary Telephone or the Grand Piano (MSRP $9.95/card). Use code CAFOUND15 for 15% off your first Forever Poppin purchase.

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  • I need to buy some cards
    Do you have any store in LA?

    Jose Pavel Arratia on

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