Meet the Maker - Geometric Fossils

Angel Montellano started Geometric Fossils as a creative way to bring greenery and style into the home. And let us only say - um... nailed it.

We met Angel at a groovy market in Venice, CA called Artists and Fleas. Nestled among the patchouli and tapestries are some incredible artisans. Angel happens to be one. He's quiet and humble - which he can be - the work speaks for itself. The thing that you'll notice first is the unique style of Geometric Fossils holders - and the subtle details that make each of them their own piece of art. Some sit straight up and down, others sit at an angle. There are different color washes and marbling techniques that Angel uses to get beautiful tints and a sense of fluidity to each piece.  We love the traditional white, but you'll find your own groove with these little babies.

Geometric Fossils are completely handmade. They cast with concrete then move on to a ceramic style sealed finish which gives the pieces a touchable, smooth, cool finish that is addictively touchable and makes them super durable. Angel wants you to keep your holder for a very long time; sort of like a "fossil."  Yeah... you see what he did there.

Geometric Fossils is committed to being an eco-friendly company from their concrete to their packaging. We love their holders as planters for succulents or air plants, but they're also great for holding writing instruments in your office, make up brushes or razors on your vanity, or your beautiful collection of glass straws on the kitchen counter. (You are using glass straws aren't you?)

Every Geometric Fossil is completely unique, but if you have your heart set on your very, VERY own size, shape and design, Angel and his team also do custom work. Just call him. He's really nice.

July subscribers received a Medium Dodecahedron Geometric Concrete Holder in Classic White (MSRP $10.00). Use code GEOBOXCAF5 for free shipping off your first purchase at (Exp. 12/31/18)

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