Gustus Vitae - August 2019

Gustus Vitae is a California crafter of Non GMO Project Verified salts, spices, seasonings, and cane sugars. Since their humble beginnings in the Venice Beach, CA farmer’s market, they’ve been obsessed with quality, using only the very best in all natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Each and every one of their products is carefully made in super small batches, before being packed by hand in their unique magnetic tins. Every day they live their motto: Quality Above All. This month we’re bringing you three flavor-packed blends. The first is Ultimate Gourmet BBQ Rub. This straightforwardly delicious staple will be your go to for burgers, veggies, sweet corn or kebabs. This garlicy, slightly spicy, a little tangy flavor-bomb is the powerhouse seasoning you will reach for again and again. The second is Gustus Vitae Turkey Burger Seasoning. We love turkey burgers in our house, but we don't want them fussed with too much. If we wanted meatloaf, we'd have meatloaf, right? This blend just takes the lowly turkey burger up a notch with California Sea Salt, Brown Mustard Seed, Ancho Chili, Thyme, Garlic, Rosemary, Sage and Bay Leaves. But it still tastes like a burger. A rich, flavorful, juicy, delish burger. Perfect. And while this artisan seasoning is built for burgers, its savory flavors lend perfectly to a whole variety of dishes, from mashed cauliflower to a quick stir fry, to a hearty stew, pot roast, or slow cooker meal. The last blend we chose for our August trio is the Veggie Burger Seasoning (are you getting the bbq theme we're throwing down?) This umami-filled blend of California Salt, Garlic, Black Pepper, Chipotle, Green Bell Pepper, Onion, Carrots, Celery Red Bell Pepper, and Parsley gives veggie burgers that depth of flavor that is so often missing when we go meatless. It's also a great match for your veggie casseroles, slow cooker stews and roasted veggies. (Retail: $9.99, $12.00 and $12.00 respectively.)

We love our picks but with a whopping 40% off you can afford to try so many! Consider the Holiday Cooking & Entertaining Gift Set or the Fall into Autumn Seasoning or Baking Collection. Whatever you choose, use code CAFound40 for 40% off your purchase at Gustus Vitae until 12/31/19.


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