Meet the Maker - Inky Mess Press

Lori Hedges is the insanely talented artist behind Inky Mess Press printmaking studio. Like many of the Makers we meet, her talent is eclipsed by her humility. She lovingly points out her favorite pieces like she's showing you a display of baby pictures. When she observes her own artwork, there is so much love in her eyes that you just know that every piece is an extension of the artist. Lori doesn't have an inauthentic bone in her body.

Named for the way the artist’s hands look after completing a round of printing, every Inky Mess Press design starts as an original sketch, which is then transformed into either a block print or a screen print for production. Behind each piece Lori's love of bad puns, intricate detail, sand, sea and general merriment that has made her such a joy to meet and work with. 

December subscribers received a beautifully moody collection of Venice Beach-inspired greeting cards (MSRP: $20) Get a set for yourself or experience a new piece of Lori's work - you MUST see the Skeleton block print - and take 15% off your purchase with code: CALIF.



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