In Succulent Love, November 2019

When we were thinking about our 2nd Anniversary collection, we knew we wanted In Succulent Love to be a part of it. Everyone went crazy for their first feature - a DIY Succulent Terrarium - so we thought, what about something experiential like that, but also In the spirit of the season and decidedly Californian. They came up with an adorable option - a DIY Jellyfish Ornament using three simple components. A sea urchin shell, an air plant, and a length of fishing line (Retail $23). We loved the idea of a simple DIY that you could easily do with the kiddos but that resulted in a super chic, modern little decor piece. 

In Succulent Love was founded by the fun, funny, super high-energy maker Jessica Cain. The way Jessica tells it, In Succulent Love blossomed by complete accident while she was making succulent pumpkins with her grandmother each autumn. After posting a photo to social media, they immediately generated a buzz, which started her succulent journey. In Succulent Love now ships over 120 different varieties of succulent plants, DIY kits like the one we featured in our November collection, and pre-made arrangements.

Jesicca also teaches DIY classes in San Diego and the surrounding community. And now she can add published author to her long list of amazing qualities! Her first book, Stylish Succulent Designs & Other Botanical Crafts, filled with 40 different DIY botanical projects, is out NOW and it is so good! 

Use code: CAFOUND for 20% off your first order of any regular priced item at the In Succulent Love website.

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