Meet the Maker - K. Leone Designs

We love the delicate, modern style of K. Leone Designs - the jewelry line designed by Kristine Leone. If you've been with us from the beginning, you may remember Kristine's feature from late last year - we knew our customers would adore her line and we were right! Evidently the universe loves her as much as we all do, because we bumped into her totally by accident (or universal intervention) at the Playa Del Rey farmers market in Southern California. She was swamped with customers as ever, and cool as the proverbial summer cuke in the 475 degree weather of the day. OK it was maybe 119 in the sun - no joke - and she was as easy-going as the day is long.

Her work was as beautiful as ever and she had customers oo'ing and ah'ing and trying on. In typical Kristine fashion, she exuded energy that kept everyone engaged. She shared opinions about this or that piece or a specific color selection that was particularly perfect on a customer, or layering ideas that wound up being just right. She is the designer, entrepreneur, and soul of K. Leone Designs, a jewelry studio in the heart of southern California. Each of her pieces makes a beautiful statement alone, but layered they are impossible to ignore. From chokers that settle a crystal or pearl right in the hollow of the neck to dramatically delicate earrings to beautifully blended beaded multi-bracelets, there's something for everyone in her line. 

Our September collection included K. Leone Design's Lynzie necklace with pearl, lapis or black spinel (MSRP $40). You can choose that piece or any of the K. Leone Designs line and save 25% on your online order with code CAFOUND25.

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