Lauren Beckett, December 2019

We met Lauren Beckett founder Lexi Ruth through a mutual friend. This eco-concious, business saavy girlboss created Lauren Beckett to develop products that are both easier on the body, and better for the environment. We love that they think about wellness and sustainability at every step of their process, from renewably-sourced, vegan coconut wax: free from gluten, toxins, parabens, and phthalates; to wicks made from eco-friendly, ethically sourced wood; to vessels made from recycled glass. They even include a seeded paper tag with each candle. When you’re finished burning your candle, use the vessel to sprout wildflowers! We chose their Old Fashioned to feature in our December collection (retail: $18). With gentle notes of clove, dark red fruit and citrus, it smells like that familiar cocktail we happen to love. Truthfully though it was super difficult to choose a favorite fragrance. Lexi has a gift for blending beautiful fragrances that smell like nature, never chemicals. Here's how I describe a few of her other blends (with a little help from the Lauren Beckett website (!):

If summer is your happy place, try The Perfect Surf Day with notes of tropical fruit and the most unflowery of floral undertones blended with coconut to give you a fragrance that’s quintessentially California.

If you live for a wander in the woods, choose The Perfect Hike. All-natural palo santo is combined with a gorgeous botanical blend that includes cedarwood, cypress, orange and sage. The result is a soul-cleansing woodsy and complex blend we absolutely love.

There's also a beautiful herbal called Nana's Garden, a not-sweet-just-natural blend called Berry Picking that Lexi describes as smelling like "berries warmed by the summer sun", and the tropical fruits, flowers, and greens of Island Getaway.

But if what you really need is a warm hug, try Grampa's Sweater. This toasty blend of clove, sandalwood, cinnamon bark, tobacco, and raw sugar is the perfect fragrance for a cozy night in. Whichever fragrance speaks to you, use code CAFOUND20 for 20% off your first purchase at

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