LĒNUS Handcrafted, November 2019

We are so delighted to welcome LĒNUS Handcrafted back to California Found. Our subscribers and the folks we met at this season's holiday events went completely crazy for her No. 01 Beauty Balm. It's a deep moisturizer, a cleanser, I even had customers report using the tiniest bit as a primer under makeup! Laura Lisauskas, the alchemist behind LĒNUS Handcrafted formulates her line with bases of aloe vera, plant oils, and local raw honey. I love the apothecary style and the numbering system she uses to identify her products. No flowery language. Just clean, green, to the point self-care. Her fragrances - created by blending essential oils - are a beautifully aromatherapeutic experience. Nothing is heavy or perfumy, which is perfect for me and my super-sensitive nose.

Here's a little background on Laura's journey:

In 2013, a passion for botany, a love for design and a drive for independence were distilled into the all-natural skincare brand LĒNUS Handcrafted. As a mom of three small boys who embraces sustainability, Laura Lisauskas understood the market need for clean products. LĒNUS offers cosmeceutical, rich skincare products, including cleansers, toners, face masks and scrubs. Craftfully formulated with clean and effective bases of aloe vera, plant oils and local raw honey, and infused with essential oils for an aromatherapeutic experience.

In November, we featured a 1 oz. jar of Nọ 01 VITAMIN C+B+E BEAUTY BALM (Retail: $24.00)

Here are the details of this extraordinary balm as described by Laura:


Crafted with cold pressed Vitamin C rich rose hip seed, marula and passionfruit oils this face balm will deliver a healthy dose of Vitamin C while nourishing and toning the skin. Beta-carotene rich buriti oil is a powerful anti-oxidant as well as natural source of Vitamin A, properties that help naturally support skin's elasticity and youthful glow. Fast absorbing essential fatty acid rich meadowfoam seed oil is light yet very nourishing, adding anti-aging qualities to the mix. Cold pressed, nutrient rich organic Shea and kokum butters helps to seal in the moisture and speed up the surface restoration processes. Powerful carrot and sea buckthorn extracts along with Vitamin E + B add nutrition to regenerate dull and aging skin.

Essential oil blend is subtle yet holds powerful skin healing and anti-aging properties. Ancient rock rose, classic rose, comforting cypress, balancing rosemary and multifunctional lavender create a unique uplifting aroma.

• High dose cosmetic grade Vitamin C
• Light essential oil aroma
• Cold pressed organic oils and butters
• Fast absorbing oils
• Enriched with Vitamin E + B

Rock Rose | Lavender | Rose | Cypress | Rosemary | Sweet Orange | Tangerine | Sandalwood

Use code CA-FOUND-10 for 10% off your LĒNUS Handcrafted purchase and free shipping on orders over $48.00 


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