LKLY Designs - September 2019

Lisa Young, is the creative force and owner of LKLYDesigns. We were introduced to her work at a pop up in Orange County and loved her designs immediately. The quality of her handcrafted woven goods is incredible. Each product is handmade, one piece at a time. They are at once rustic and extremely modern. LKLYDesigns' one-of-a-kind baskets and other woven home decor accents are made with natural fibers such as jute, cotton, linen, and hemp - highlighting Lisa's organic, rustic, and eclectic sensibilities. Her use of subtle, well-placed color adds the perfect detail to her designs, making LKLYDesigns products unique and unforgettable.

In September, we introduced you to LKLYDesigns' scrubby set (MSRP $22), which happens to go quite nicely with the Zero Waste Dish Block™ from No Tox Life, also included in our September collection. Use the small scrubby for your dishes and the larger one for your body! They’re lightly abrasive and soft at the same time! Pick up the Scrubby Set or anything else in the LKLYDesigns line and use code CALIFOUND15 For 15% off your purchase until 12/31/19. 

What the entire September collection? They are still available in very limited supply. Shop here.

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