Lulu Lilybird - August 2019

Making jewelry is Carol Roberts’ creative outlet. Her Lulu Lilybird workbench is a place where, in her words, she…"has fun, learns new techniques, messes up and starts over." She is inspired by every step of the process, finding the stones and hand selecting each one, then deciding what setting or earring shape will showcase each piece. The most fulfilling part of all for Carol? It’s the chance to meet everyone who comes by her booths at artisan fairs, sharing the stories of her pieces and developing new friendships.

In fact, it was at just such an artisan fair where we met Carol for the first time. Our rapport was immediate - Carol's as easy to talk to as your bestie. She calls her line "Jewelry for the Soul" and we think that's a pretty perfect description. From the Hammered Fine Silver Paddle Earrings - the perfect day to evening stunner -  to the Sterling Silver 18" Circle Necklace with Faceted Rose Quartz or Iolite that we featured in our August collection (MSRP: $48.00), every piece in the Lulu LilyBird line is hand formed and soulful. The hoops and circles are all made and soldered by hand. The ear-wires are each shaped and hammered by hand. Each stone is selected and wire-wrapped or set by hand. Rings and ring bands begin as silver strips of metal, and are transformed into individual pieces with unique stamps and markings. The detail on each piece is like a treasure hunt. It seems that every time you look at your Lulu LilyBird piece, you see something new. Perhaps our very favorite feature of the Lulu LilyBird collection is that no two pieces are exactly alike. Choose a piece that's uniquely yours and use code CAFOUND for 20% off your Lulu Lilybird purchase of $50 or more.

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