California Artisan Profile - MB Bead and Stitch

We met Michelle Sanders, the warm and wonderful owner/designer of MB Bead and Stitch at an event in Escondido. I left our introduction with a pair of stunning silver and garnet earrings that are among my very favorites; and with a plan to most certainly include Michelle's work in a future collection. Wind the clock forward and we've been fortunate enough to work with Michelle not once, but twice since we started sharing California artisan-made products with you.

As Michelle tells it, she discovered the art of creating and sharing when she was just 10 years old, making hand-knitted necklaces for fun and teaching the other kids how to make them. She's been making jewelry for herself and friends ever since. MB Bead and Stitch was launched in 2013 offering beautifully expressive pieces with a decidedly boho sensibility. No two pieces are identical and even Michelle's earrings will never be a precisely matched pair. "Think sisters," she says, "not twins".

Based in San Diego, Michelle works with organic textures and natural gemstones, often repurposing vintage jewelry finds into infinitely wearable new jewelry pieces. She takes pride in giving each piece new life, meaning, and expression for you to wear. Her inspiration and designs are drawn from the natural beauty of Southern California. Our June collection included the MB Bead and Stitch Ocean Jasper Beaded Silver Bracelet (Retail: $37.00). Everything Michelle creates is unique and absolutely gorgeous. Treat yourself (or your bestie) and take 20% off your MB Bead and Stitch purchase with code: CAFOUNDMB20 Exp. 09/30/19.

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