Meet the Maker - Fiber & Dye

Take a look at the picture of Lisa Aihara (it's on our @cafound Facebook and Instagram feeds), the supremely gifted artist behind Fiber & Dye, and you instantly get her. She's playful and warm. She's not afraid to get her hands painty and she's not afraid of language that is typically associated with and conveniently rhymes with ... truckers. We knew we were kindred souls from the giddy-up.

Fiber & Dye, Lisa's design studio, is based in Los Angeles and, as she describes it, "helps brides, brands and bff's celebrate moments in life." We met almost a year ago when California Found was an idea that we were floating - like a big orangey balloon - over the heads of local makers. Lisa loved the concept immediately. I knew immediately that I wanted to work with her. Wind the clock forward these many months later, and our stars finally aligned. I'm delighted to share Fiber & Dye with you.

April subscribers were greeted with two beautiful pieces from the Fiber & Dye collection: A Notebook in Fiber & Dye's South Coast Botanicals Print (MSRP $6) and gift tags in Peach Flower Bunch (MSRP $8). These two pieces represent Fiber & Dye's overarching style beautifully. They use color in these lovely washes that are at once fresh and relaxing. In two words: they're pretty. And then they add the unexpected punch of playful sentiments like "Who's my daddy?", the occasional fruit pun -  "You are pearfect.", and direct-hit messages like "Holy shit, you're having a baby." Cards like these are what I always wish for when I'm in the card store reading vapid sentiments that don't relate at all to me or my people. Lisa Aihara is here to be your new designer friend. You're going to have to arm wrestle me for her. Use code CAFOUND for free shipping on your Fiber & Dye order until 8/12/18. 

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