Just Jan's - April 2019

I love jam... and jelly... and preserves. If it's fruity and spreadable, I'm generally in. If you've ever had breakfast or brunch with me you know that the savory/sweet decision is pure agony. You also know that I most often choose savory, with toast ... as a vehicle for fruit spread ... as dessert. I know! It's genius! You may use my strategy the next time you're out for breakfast and take all the credit for your cleverness. Your table mates will have crazy food envy. Where is this going, you're wondering? It's going to Jan Hogrewe the culinary genius behind Just Jan's fruit spreads and one of the entrepreneurs from whom we learn every possible nugget we can. She's that good. A little background... she started Just Jan’s at a moment of great personal and professional change. She was leaving the film industry after a 20 year career, and looking for a new challenge and some fresh inspiration. Cooking had been a lifelong passion, so when she had an overabundant fig tree, she couldn’t stand the idea of all those figs going to waste. That was the beginning of her fig spread and from that one spread Just Jan’s was born. Their mission at Just Jan’s is to let the natural goodness of excellent ingredients shine, and deliver a taste you will never forget. In addition to flavors that are intense and authentic without ever being overly sweet, we love the smooth, silky texture. It's unlike any other fruit spread you've ever tried and it's totally addicting. Try their Seedless Raspberry Spread in (or on) cheesecake, their Meyer Lemon Curd swirled into yogurt and topped with blueberries or their Kadota Fig Spread on your next cheese plate. In fact, check out their website for tons of inspired recipes from breakfast to cocktails (or breakfast with cocktails if you're sassy). Jan spent a lot of time developing the Organic Strawberry Spread we featured in April to get the purest strawberry flavor possible. We love this one mixed into vanilla ice cream and, of course, on toast. Use code: CAFOUND for 25% off your Just Jan's order (some exclusions may apply).

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