Meet the Maker - Kalcie

If you've been with us for all of 2018, well first - thank you!! And second, you may remember Kalcie from early this year - they were our featured Jewelry maker in the January, 2018 collection and our subscribers went completely bonkers for their Healing Stone necklace. We met Kristine Chermakyan, founder of Kalcie through another extraordinary maker who just knew there would be a love connection between our two companies and we've been smitten ever since! We're delighted to share another piece from this lovely line.

What drew us to Kalcie when we were first introduced to it, is what keeps us coming back to feature new designs - delicate, effortless, finely crafted pieces with soul and purpose. Every piece is touched by the designer, every piece tells a story - or invites you to have the strength and courage to write your own.

Our August subscribers received the Kalcie Lucky Beads bracelet in black and gold, turquoise and gold, or lavender and gold (MSRP $28.00). Get one or all three -  they look amazing stacked - or choose something else to love from Kalcie and use code CA25OFF for a generous 25% off your purchase. 

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