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In 2019, it comes as a surprise to exactly no one that what we put in and on our bodies can have an impact on our health - both short term and long term. Tequila night? Rough morning. Years of putting chemicals of questionable safety on your body in the name of cleanliness and beauty? Perhaps it's time for a reset.

Which is why we're delighted to introduce you to No Tox Life - a women-owned and -operated natural bath and body line founded by a mother-daughter team (Sandee & Callie) based in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. 

This incredible duo makes 150+ different products, ranging from facial care to deodorant, shampoo, soap, lotions, bath salts, and candles and are expanding their zero-waste offerings this year. From the very beginning they designed their company to be entirely vegan, with palm oil-free soaps being their first popular product. We love the featured product in our California Found January collection. What appears to be one bar of their hand-crafted soap is actually two mini bars. One in Ginger Spice & Grapefruit - a citrusy blend with a hint of warm spice. The second in Lotus & Winter Jasmine - a fresh floral with subtle grassy notes. They're gently fragrant, with a creamy lather that hydrates nicely and rinses without a speck of residue. And keeping true to the No Tox Life  mission, these bars are as safe for the earth as they are for your bod - they're greywater-system safe and will readily biodegrade, perfect for septic systems, outdoor showers, and camping. Use code: CALIFORNIAFOUND for 20% off your No Tox Life order until April 1, 2019*. May we suggest the BEST COAST | Body Cleansing Bar Bundle which includes:

  • Sage + Citrus Cleansing Bar: Herbal white sage and refreshing citrus scent topped with sage and calendula botanicals.
  • Ojai Hippie Cleansing Bar: Earthy scent is reminiscent of the valley of Ojai, CA with notes of floral lavender and grounding patchouli.
  • Walnut Scrub Cleansing Bar: Ground black walnut shells gently scrub away dry, flaky skin and leave your body feeling clean and refreshed.

*One code per order, one use per customer.


Read more about the full California Found January Collection here.



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