Meet the Maker - MidiQueen Handbags

Ventura Maker Kristina Clark and her extraordinary line of handbags is back for another feature! MidiQueen Handbags is an absolute fan favorite. Take one look at these vintage-modern pieces that elegantly combine rich fabrics, buttery leathers, and unique details and it's easy to understand why.  If you are new to MidiQueen, this iconic Ventura brand began in 2003 when Kristina made a bag for a friend, sowing the seeds that grew into the MidiQueen brand.

Kristina designs every MidiQueen handbag and names her gorgeous creations after friends and family. She uses limited quantities of vintage fabrics, so when you see one that speaks to you - grab it. Now. And as if we didn't love Kristina's thoughtful, community-minded brand enough, all of MidiQueen's fabrication and assembly are done by local craftsmen and seamstresses. She walks the shop-local talk.

January subscribers received the MidiQueen Girl Friday (MSRP $44). Kristina calls it a phone carrier. We call it a phone, keys, cards, lip balm, don't-leave-home-without-it, cross-body lifesaver! The subscriber feedback we're getting goes something like this - "My daughter/bestie/sister would love this. I'm keeping it." Use code CAFOUND for 20% off your first MidiQueen purchase.  Maybe a Girl Friday for that daughter/bestie/sister. 

Shop MidiQueen Handbags online or stop by their storefront boutique in downtown Ventura (420 E. Main Street) and say hi to Kristina for us. 

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