Meet the Maker - MidiQueen Handbags

California Found subscribers cannot get enough of MidiQueen and we are so delighted to oblige! The brilliantly talented Kristina Clark helped us celebrate our one year anniversary by sharing The Logan with us in the November California Found collection. This little cutie is the perfect travel companion for your favorite cosmetics. And thanks to its wraparound zipper and elasticized 6-brush holder, touch-ups can happen in the blink of an eye. The Logan is available in several beautiful retro fabrics.

For those of you who haven't met Kristina through previous blog posts, her story began in 2003 when she made a purse for a friend and planted the seeds for her line of unique and gorgeous handbags. This hands-on lady boss selects every fabric, designs every handbag style and is the ultimate giver-backer - donating to local functions and fundraisers. She inspires us across the personal and professional spectrum.

MidiQueen's storefront boutique is a downtown Ventura, CA staple. Located at 420 E. Main Street in Ventura, it's the perfect place to browse and buy the current MidiQueen collection and chat with Kristina. Greet her with a "Hey there, beautiful!", and tell her we sent you.

November subscribers received the Logan (MSRP $38.00). Use code CAFOUND for 20% off your first MidiQueen purchase.

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