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Mika (pronounced Me-kuh) Harmony was raised on Maui, Hawaii and now calls Ventura, California home. She has a wee little art studio with a view of the Channel Islands where she gains inspiration for her newest creations.

An obsession with seahorses and all ocean creatures led her into a life spent playing with watercolors. Always dreaming of flying — to satisfy that wanderlust urge, her artwork also includes lots of birds, butterflies, bees, flowers, feathers, leaves and dragonflies.

For our October collection, we chose to feature one of Mika's beautiful watercolor prints of an owl feather  (retail - $22.00). We love that the subject of Mika's painting can be found in our local trees, and the color palette she chose is the absolute essence of fall. We have an enormous pine in our back yard (it's the neighbors' actually, but who's keeping track). It is a frequent perching place for hawks by day and owls by night. It was thankfully spared during the wildfires of the past few weeks, and last night was the first night since the fire madness started that I heard owls once again hooting their sweet love song (or dinner strategy?) back and forth. It reminded me that simple is good, the natural world is our greatest gift, and our furred and feathered neighbors are starting to move back in. Welcome home.

Let Mika's incredible watercolors inspire your love of the sky and sea in the form of prints, cards, mugs, stickers, jewelry and more at the Mika Harmony Art online store. Use code CAFOUND for $10 off  your purchase of $20 or more. Expires 12/15/18.





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