Missive, January 2020

Don't you love to receive a card or note in the mail? It's old school and personal like no email, text or dm can be. You know what they say... ain't no school like the old school. I couldn't agree more. And if you're going to take the time to send a personal note, why not make your someone catch their breath a little! And forget about mailing a card and how cool that makes you for a sec. What about that "late for the wedding, stop at the grocery store, absurdly dressed up and inelegantly running in heels on the tile floor" moment. You know you've been there. We've all been there. Standing in front of those racks of terrible, *TERRIBLE* sentiments trying to find the least terrible of the bunch and telling yourself they won't remember which card was from you. They will. There's a better way my friends.

Meet Missive. I have been loving the Missive Instagram feed and seeing them around town for quite some time. Theirs is a style I gravitate toward immediately. It's chic and simple, with a modern sensibility that is exactly what I crave in my greetings. Founder and designer Lisa Willis describes her mission as "creating stylish letterpress stationery for the modern paper lover" - that would be me.

In 2009 Lisa launched Missive as a creative pursuit. Since then, it has evolved into a stationery and gift brand focused on crafting unique, high-quality paper goods that you’ll be delighted to send and receive. In addition to the retail line, Lisa also creates custom designs ranging from wedding suites and birth announcements to luxe personalized stationery and business cards.

Whether your love has withstood the test of time, or is as new and fresh as the first day of spring, the selection of three (3) letterpress Valentine's Day cards (retail: $15.00) in our January collection deliver the Valentine’s Day sentiments you need to express yourself with grace and style. And as my hubs and I say... "every day is Valentine's Day in our house." Alright...alright... I couldn't resist.

If you have Valentine's Day handled, consider thank-you notes, birth announcements, wedding wishes, or our personal favorite. Use code CAFOUND for 20% off your first Missive purchase until March 31, 2020.

Want the ones we chose? The January collection is still available as a one-time purchase while supplies last.

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