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Quick Quiz ... What state do you live in? What state were you born in? What state did you just move to? What state did you go to college in? What state do you long for? What state did your bestie move to? (Sorry to bring up such a painful memory ... for me it was Oregon, but I'm adjusting).

For every state, there's a Misstatemaker

Say hello to Rachel Sussman. The artist behind Misstatemaker. Her born-there state is New York, but her lives-there state is our beautiful California - San Diego to be exact. We met Rachel at the Encinitas Makers Market last year and instantly loved her watercolor interpretations of each state in the union as well as exceptionally cool pieces like world maps. And birthday cards that feature rainbow popsicles and unicorns - super playful! So. Much. To. Love.

She also teaches art - like to kids - in a school system. Art programs in schools. They're good right? Support them, please. So to Ms. Sussman, the teacher, we say thank you, and to the San Diego kids she teaches ... you're a lucky bunch.  We love the way Rachel reimagines familiar images, like the shape of our beautiful state, in ways that make them even more beautiful. They're gift-worthy. They're frame-worthy. 

Our March subscribers received a Four Greeting Card Set featuring - where else? The Golden State. (MSRP $16.00) Use code: CAFOUND for 20% off any Misstatemaker order. Maybe you get your born-there state, maybe you get your live-there state, maybe you get your retire-there-if-it-kills-me state. What about a print of the US to mark all your been-there states? Possibilities, Sunshines ... oodles of possibilities.

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