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We just went through the Woolsey Fire here at California Found HQ. We were beyond fortunate. Our family is safe, our home is safe, our business is untouched. We know what it feels like to watch the news and wonder what they're not showing. To point out landmarks that were part of our every day and watch them disappear right before our astonished eyes. Due to the 24 hour news cycle and the repetitive nature of film clips, we'd watch the same footage, over and over and over, unable to look away. It was exhausting and scary and heartbreaking.

We do not know what it feels like to lose everything - and then come back. Stacey Moss does. She's the fearless, wholehearted owner of Moss Botanicals and she lost her home and her business to the Thomas fire in December, 2017. She told me about it as we met in a beautiful local bookstore (remember those?) in Ojai. It was obviously and justifiably painful - her world was radically changed in a matter of hours. The road back was long and rough, but here she is. She has such grace, such a calm serenity, such gratitude. She's also an incredibly talented maker. I describe her as a botanist, an alchemist, a healer. In her words "my truth is to reflect my gifts in the world, and inspire others on their healing journey." She's totally inspiring.

Moss Botanicals blends organic essential oils from sources that honor the plants and the people involved in their growing and distillation process. There are no synthetics, preservatives, or fragrances. Their sources are certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny. Every bottle is hand poured in an intimate atmosphere with intention. The December 2018 California Found collection included the Moss Botanicals Aroma Body Roll-On in "Balance", a beautiful blend of Organic jojoba oil and essential oils of Coriander, Palmarosa, and Rose Geranium (retail: $27.00). Stacey's gift is her blending ability and her aromatic blends are like no others we've experienced. We're so privileged to introduce them to our community. Use code: CaFound20% for 20% off your first Moss Botanicals purchase. Exp. 2/28/19.

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