Meet the Maker - Naked Scrubs

Fan Favorite, Naked Scrubs is back to introduce another product from their amazing line. Angela Johnson-Rogers is the CEO and founder of Naked Scrubs. This beautifully natural line was born out of Angela’s quest to address her own skincare struggle: ultra-dry in winter, oily in summer. Unable to find anything that worked for her, she developed remedies using oils, herbs, and vegetables to soothe and balance her skin. Naked Scrubs is now an extensive line of scrubs, lotions, bath teas, burn sticks, soaps, lip balms, oils, face steams, and face masks. Naked Scrubs products are handmade with natural (Naked) ingredients that are locally sourced and/or fair-trade certified wherever possible.

Upon meeting this high-energy, charming Maker, we soon discovered that those products she developed? They work. Her skin is gorgeous.

Lovely on the outside, check. But also lovely on the inside. This entrepreneur balances work and family and shelter dog with a love for her customers (she calls them the Naked Tribe) that is obvious. She grins when she talks about the Tribe. It's awesome. When someone's doing what they are supposed to be doing in this world, they give off an energy that's different - stronger, more confident. Angela radiates.

Our October subscribers (and gift recipients!) received a 4 oz. jar of Naked Zen Scrub. Made with essential oils, lavender, eucalyptus, rose, rose buds, salt, sugar, epsom salt, and sea salt, this beautifully fragrant body scrub is a spa treatment in a jar. (MSRP: $10.00). Try it for yourself and use code CALIFORNIAFOUND25 for 25% off your Naked Scrubs purchase until 11/30/18.

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