Nam Prik Chili Sauce - May 2019

So... we've tried hot sauces. A lot of them. They're mostly good:  some level of spicy, red, familiar. But we've never really been bowled over by the complexity of flavors in a sauce. Until now. This sauce almost makes me mad it's so good. We've been trying to get them into a California Found collection for MONTHS and timing finally aligned for our May 2019 collection in which we included a 4 oz. bottle of spicy heaven produced exclusively for California Found.

The folks at Nam Prik (pr. Nahm Preek) chili sauce describe it as fire and flavor, together at last. So true. It’s citrusy, spicy, green, well-seasoned and packed with flavor, not just heat. In the words of Jenn Harris, Senior Writer at the LA times “[Nam Prik] is bright without being mouth numbing, with a zing that will widen your eyes but not make them water. You may feel the need to put it on fried rice, scrambled eggs, tacos, avocado toast – even potato chips. Could this be the new Sriracha? Maybe so.”

I am addicted to it on eggs. I have swirled a little into guacamole. Um...yes. And I can totally imagine it on fried rice or a taco or a burger. But you can start slow... just get a bag of your favorite chips and go old school. Check out the Nam Prik instagram account @NamPrikSauce to see chili sauce in a whole buncha ways. Or visit their website at for recipes, retailers, events (they do So Cal markets and festivals on the reg) and to order your own. They do one thing. They do it flawlessly. You've never had anything like it. Go!

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