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Some people relax with a glass of wine (or three) or a big piece of yellow cake with chocolate frosting and coffee, slicing that cake in half long-ways and folding it in on itself so the frosting is on the inside and then taking huge, happy bites. I'm not talking about me... I'm just sayin'. Ok, me. 100%.

Marleny Angulo relaxes making soap, scrubs and bath bombs. With five kids at home (you heard me), this talented ladyboss needs me-time more than most and she finds it creating finely crafted, beautifully fragranced items for the bath. I wonder if she dreams of long, quiet soaks, and channels that relaxation into her products? To experience her bath bombs, it feels that way.

Marleny began making soap after her two youngest sons were both born with super sensitive skin. The kind that reacts to everything ... even the gentlest mass-market baby products. By now you know the Maker drill - if you can't find what you need, particularly for your babies, you create it. What started out of necessity, developed into a business making bath bombs, scrubs and soaps with love and care - which definitely comes through in the result. 

Our lucky March subscribers received not one but TWO Neni's Soap Shop Bath Bombs - one in Moonlight Pomegranate and the other in Oatmeal Milk and Honey.  If you have a bathtub, keep them all to yourself. If you don't, these beauties make the perfect gift for the bath lover in your life. (MSRP: $11.50 for the pair) Be someone's relaxation hero and use code: NENI20CA for 20% off your order, Exp. 5/31/18. Now step away from the wine and cake, and draw that bath. 


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