No Tox Life - September 2019

I've been thinking alot about plastic. I was cleaning out my refrigerator last week and well, true confessions: evidently I have a serious problem with condiments. It got me thinking about the containers we purchase and use and recycle (or, gasp, don't) for everything. EVERYTHING. I then inventoried my linen closet and under my kitchen sink and decided that I'm not buying one more beauty or cleaning product until I use up what I have. And then I'm buying zero waste or in bulk because I just read that a 32 oz. container of the same shape as (4) 8 oz. containers uses SIXTY PERCENT less plastic. Here's the link. The quantity of recyclables in our recycle bin is stressing me out the way our quantity of trash did 15 years ago. Obviously the fragility of the world has been front and center lately and with good reason. Super storms, uncontainable wildfires, rising water levels - it's not a myth. So as I sit here thinking about my personal strategies for living a more eco-responsible life and my business strategies for a more eco-friendly California Found, mother-daughter team Sandee & Callie of No Tox Life are taking action. It's super inspiring. No Tox Life is based 
in Glassell Park, Los Angeles. In addition to a beautiful on-line presence, they can be found in tons of retail locations and have a groovy little storefront to which you can BYO containers and get down with minimizing your carbon footprint.

From the very beginning they designed their company to be entirely vegan, with palm oil-free soaps being their first popular product. Now they are embracing the reduce and reuse sides of the sustainability triangle and they've inspired me to do the same.

In September, we featured the No Tox Life Dish Block™ Zero Waste Dish Washing Bar (Retail: $11.98). It can take the place of up to three plastic bottles of dish soap, and people - it just works. It's simple, it's functional, it's environmentally responsible. Please get one and try it. You'll be so happy you did. If you feel very strongly about liquid dish soap - no judgment, it has its place - consider No Tox Life Dish Block™ Flakes. I tried those too and they're a quicky DIY project that gives you the perfect opportunity to teach your little ones about sustainability. Add flakes to water in a sauce pan. Heat until melted. Toss in a couple of drops of essential oil (I used lemon verbena) and you've got dish soap. It's one small thing that will hopefully inspire another small thing. Which would be a very big thing, indeed.

We wish great big things for the No Tox Life team. They now hand-make over 100 goods for bath, body and home 
and are expanding their zero-waste offerings this year. We're excited for what comes next.

The September box is available as a one time purchase for a limited time. Get yours before they're gone forever!

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  • This is so great. I’ve been looking for this. I love CA Found’s careful selection of artisan goods. I’m in Oregon and just checked the No Tox Life link above and discovered I can buy this soap in Portland too! So excited!

    Linda Quon on

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