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Selena Lederer-O'Connor and I live in the same town. We know the same people, we go to the same grocery stores. So when I found out SHE was the owner and alchemist behind Olive Alchemy, our beautiful local olive oil and vinegar tasting and tap room, I couldn't wait to stop in for a visit. If you're in the LA area, you need to get to this beautiful store. It's an experience. The olive oils and vinegars are in beautiful casks that line the walls and spark the imagination. The combinations are seriously endless. Selena is super knowledgeable and patient, helping with pairings and guiding each customer to the perfect selection based on their individual palate. If you're not in the LA area, the Olive Alchemy website is a click away and full of interesting info that will help you choose your dream pairing.

Olive Alchemy had been on my list of 'gotta try' places in town, but I had no idea how fun the experience would be and how extraordinary the product is! These are not your ordinary oils and vinegars. Not even close.

As I've mentioned, I cook. A lot. DIY salad dressing is a staple in my house. It's easy, it's quick, most nights my husband makes it (bonus), and like everything home made - it relates to store bought salad dressing in name only. Home made dressing might be the easiest process ever, but with Olive Alchemy's fresh olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars, the flavor is truly elevated - your friends will be further convinced of your culinary prowess, and you'll feel Chefly, promise. Mix two parts olive oil to one part vinegar to start. Add a little dijon. Salt and Pepper. Shake it, taste it, adjust it. 

This time of year I love a salad of simple tender greens, fresh herbs like flat-leaf parsley and dill, and cucumbers sliced so thin you can see through them. (Ooooo, I'm making that tonight). Dressed with Olive Alchemy Tuscan Herb olive oil and Sicilian Lemon vinegar... heaven.

Lucky for our subscribers, they received exactly that in their April box. The Two-Pack Sampler of perfectly paired Tuscan Herb fresh olive oil and Sicilian Lemon aged balsamic vinegar (MSRP $10.50). Use discount code CAFOUND for a generous 25% off your purchase until 7/31/18. Try my salad. While you do, I'm going to marinate chicken in my Tuscan Herb olive oil, Ripe Peach white balsamic and a little fresh rosemary. I'll report back.

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