Meet the Maker - Pacific Pickle Works

The folks at Pacific Pickle Works are serious about their craft. Their offices have the heady smell of veggies and brine. Their job titles are names like HPIC (Head Pickle In Charge, obvs) and Second Pickle. We met these master crafters of spicy, briny, sweet, salty wonder at a small outdoor market on the most glorious of California spring days and after sampling and sampling ... and sampling, we are believers. We believe that only the freshest veggies make the most fantastic pickles. We believe that a cheese plate or relish tray (if you're old schoolin' it) can be elevated into something sublime. We believe that we've been doing our Bloody Mary's a GRAVE disservice. Thankfully we have the whole summer to make things right - and we're prepared to tweak that Bloody Mary recipe until it's perfect. It may take some time, but we are up for the challenge. Work. Work. Work.

Pacific Pickle Works pickled vegetables and drink mixers are all-natural and hand-crafted in Santa Barbara. These "West Coast" style pickles are known for their spicy, complex flavors and a crunchy texture that can only come from preserving the freshest vegetables in the region. They offer ELEVEN pickled varieties each with their own playful and clever twist on a favorite - Cukarambas spears, Jalabeaños (spicy whole green beans), and Asparagusto (spicy asparagus stalks) to name a few. The garnish for the humble Bloody Mary has been taken to an entirely new level - and we thought olives was evolved.

The fine folks at Pacific Pickle Works have also won numerous awards for their Bloody Mary Elixir which features house-made Worcestershire sauce, Michelada Shrub and bottled Pickle Brine! We are now officially cookin' with gas people!

So to the deeply loved but clearly neglected Bloody Mary. To the offshoot Bloody Maria (that's a Mary with Tequila - you're welcome). To the many cheese plates and relish trays that we failed to elevate to cult status we say, "We have seen the error of our ways and we have been redeemed." Thanks to the Pickles at Pacific Pickle Works.

We introduced our May subscribers to two of our very favorite Pacific Pickle Works varieties - each box contained a 16 oz jar of either Carriots of Fire or Brussizzle Sprouts (MSRP $9.95 each). You can experience your own Bloody Mary or relish tray redemption and take 20% off your online purchase of $25 or more using code CAFOUND20

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