Pistaché Skincare - May 2019

Pistaché Skincare was introduced in the very first California Found collection and our audience went crazy! When they reached out with another product to share with you, we were delighted to welcome them back. In May, we featured Pistaché Eye Serum with Vitamin C. We love how silky smooth this applies and the results are fantastic. Lines are minimized, shadows are brightened, eyes are refreshed! Love!

Sima Mostafavi, the ladyboss of Pistaché Skincare, started humbly and built this local brand into something really special. The world is taking notice. Her rapid growth has necessitated an expanded headquarters and she has been able to hire some fantastic folks. Together they're on a mission to spread the word about pistachio oil as the central ingredient of the Pistaché line of luxurious natural skincare. Sima infuses her products with this vitamin and mineral rich oil, and the results are products that feel fantastic and leave your skin glowing.

Like so many Makers we work with, Sima’s story is the classic … unmet need + creative problem solver = simply incredible result. As a fourth-generation pistachio grower, she knew firsthand the long-term benefits of pistachio oil on hair and skin. But no matter where she looked, she could not find skincare products that were effectively harnessing this unique ingredient ... and with that Pistaché was born. Since then, this local brand has really taken off, getting the attention of tastemakers, influencers, and beauty curators across the country and around the world.

Try the eye serum we featured or anything else in the Pistaché product line, and use code CALIFORNIA for 15% off your first order.

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