Pistaché Skincare - November 2018

Sima Mostafavi, the ladyboss of Pistaché Skincare, is as sweet as the day is long. She can have a room full of customers and somehow make each of them feel as if they’ve got her undivided attention as she moves smoothly from person to person with product samples, skincare suggestions and a warm, genuine smile. There’s something about Sima that you can’t help but notice right away. Her. Skin. Is. Gorgeous. And now we know why: this lovely has taken pistachio oil and used it as the central ingredient of her Pistaché line of natural skin care. She infuses her products with this vitamin and mineral rich oil, and the results are products that feel fantastic and leave your skin glowing.

Like so many Makers we work with, Sima’s story is the classic … unmet need + creative problem solver = simply incredible result. As a fourth-generation (!) pistachio grower, she knew firsthand the long-term benefits of pistachio oil on hair and skin. But no matter where she looked, she could not find skincare products that were effectively harnessing this unique ingredient ... and with that Pistaché was born. November California Found subscribers received a 1.7oz jar of Pistaché Hydrating Moisturizer, valued at $38. Get yours, or anything else in the Pistaché product line, at pistacheskincare.com and take 15% off your first order with code: CALIFORNIA

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