Meet the Maker - p.o.p. candy co.

I cook a lot. Hot breakfast is frequent in my house. Lunch is not my forte, make yourself a sandwich for Cry Pete. Dinner is cooked here almost every night. The point is, I know my way around a kitchen. I know my way around an all-butter chocolate chip cookie and a brownie that's worthy of eating by the panful. I'm not amazing, but I'm definitely capable. And then there's candy. Candy making, regardless of what Willy Wonka tells us, is not taking a sunrise and sprinkling it with dew. It's waiting until sugar lava gets to an exacting temperature and then adding cream to that molten ooze and hoping like hell you don't get any on you (ice bath next to the stove, always, it's terrifying.) So when I meet a confectioner that is truly amazing - well, I kinda bow down.

Which brings me to Rachel and Bill, the yin and yang of p.o.p. candy co. They make butter crunch. Remember the peanut brittle of old? Yeah, this ... is not that. It's nuanced, richly flavored, somehow not cloyingly sweet, buttery heaven. And these two have a blast making and sharing it. At the maker shows and farmers markets, they're typically surrounded by more people than the sample folks at Costco, patiently handing out taste after taste as customers agonize over which flavor to choose. The first time I met them I bought two bags - one was their classic pecan which I nearly finished on the car ride home - saved only by tossing it into the back seat thereby requiring me to pull over if I wanted more. Even I have that much self-control, come on. The second bag - buttery, toasty, crunchy fire pistachio - the three men in my house ate in a sitting. Not even a sitting really, more a standing at the kitchen counter.

Our March subscribers received two 4 oz. bags of p.o.p. candy co. deliciousness - pecan butter crunch and rosemary almond butter crunch. It took days for me to settle on two flavors that would adequately represent this beautifully handmade treat - and i'm still not 100% sure I chose right. I mean, there's maple bacon, there's curry, there's rum y vanilla, there's thyme, walnut, cherry. You see my dilemma? You see it??? Lucky for you, you can use promo code FOUNDLOVE for 20% off your online purchase and get bunches. Go do so. And be afraid that something may happen to someday stop these beautiful people from making this rather perfect treat. Be very afraid.


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