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In the past year we've introduced you to many makers - more than fifty in fact - and we are fond of them all. Mostly we hug them at shows and check in now and again for a quick "I'm thinking about you" chat. A handful have become dear friends. The kind that make you ugly laugh - head on the table, tears streaming. The kind that encourage you when you doubt yourself. The kind that celebrate your victories and dismiss your mistakes with the wave of a hand and a cavalier "anyone would have done the same thing!" Folks like Rachel & Bill from p.o.p candy co. Only people with an abundance of love and good humor in their hearts could make a confection as deliciously addicting as p.o.p. candy. We are better for meeting them. The world is better for their butter crunch.

A good friend texted me the other day after receiving the November collection to say, "I thought we liked each other ... p.o.p. candy ... why would you do that to me?" She'd just finished one of the bags in our November collection and was starting in on the second. Sorry, Wendy. 

As I've mentioned in previous writings, I'm a foodie. I have a sweet tooth, a salty tooth... frankly, there's a tooth in my mouth for every flavor profile. I love good food and when it comes to sweet, p.o.p. candy butter crunch is quite possibly sweet perfection. It's complex, it's crunchy, it's nutty, it's sweet without being cloying, it's deliciously addicting by itself, it's fantastic on (or swirled into) ice cream, I bet it would be amazing crushed up on oatmeal (this from the girl who recognizes yellow cake with chocolate frosting as a breakfast food, but that's me.) It's nice to share but anyone who has tasted it would support you if you didn't. 

So let's review: Deliciously addicting butter crunch? Check. Loving couple with mad confectionery skills? Check. Good friends that make our work better and our hearts full? Check, check.

You may buy p.o.p. candy the first time to support these beautiful people, which is fine and noble and decent. You will buy it again and again because it's that good. You may have every intention of sharing it. You likely won't. No judgment.

Our November collection included two (2) 2 oz. packs of p.o.p. candy in Rum y Vanilla (Billy's favorite), and Brown Sugar Cinnamon (Retail $6/pack). Use code CALILOVE20 for 20% off your online purchase.


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