Meet the Maker - Prana by Lana

We met Lana Mahmood, the warm and friendly owner of Prana by Lana last year at the Calabasas farmers' market and were delighted to finally have the opportunity to bring her products to our California Found community. Lana's deeply committed to building a product line and a company built on a foundation of strong ethics and responsibly procured ingredients that are either wild-harvested or responsibly grown. 

We chatted at length about her sourcing practices - she works with trusted farms that refrain from using pesticides, herbicides, and machines for drying and processing. She also looks for suppliers whose ethics, integrity, morals, and values for themselves, the environment and humanity match her own. The result is handcrafted, high quality, natural products that Lana describes as "used to restore the balance to imbalanced parts of the skin."

Lana’s inspiration for her line, founded in 2017, began while she researched plant medicine in Ecuador and the Amazon Rainforest. She noticed a lack of purity behind most natural skincare products that still include preservatives or chemicals, and used her knowledge and experience to formulate a natural, vegan skincare line that provides the purest unprocessed products. Each product is created with pure intention, pure love, and energy for optimal results. Our December collection included two products from the Prana by Lana line - Body Oil (retail: $45) and  California Grown Loofah Sponge (retail: $18)  Visit  and use code: CAFOUND  for 20% off your total purchase.


See and shop the entire December Collection here.

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