Revive Charitable Jewelry, October 2019

We were introduced to Nikki Zazzali, the designer and changemaker behind Revive Jewelry in our very favorite way: through another maker with whom we've worked. We loved her and her gorgeous designs immediately. The way she describes it, she "finds beauty in unsuspected places - cell images of disease."

Nikki's journey is intensely personal. Like so many of us, she has had close family members affected by chronic and terminal diseases. And like so many of us, she felt angry, frustrated and powerless. She knew she wanted to be a force for change, and make no mistake, this woman is a force. Her idea was to use the diseases against themselves. To use them to take back our power from them and raise money for research toward a cure. Her creative take on that mission was to incorporate the actual cellular structures of diseases into her jewelry designs AND to create a community of Change Makers: people who want to use their buying power for good.

Revive pieces are more than just unique and lovely jewelry. They are hope, strength, awareness, charity, and cures. Because 10% of every sale goes directly to disease research, you’re supporting life-saving advancements and creating positive change for the future. For our October collection, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we chose three variants of Revive’s sterling silver stud earrings that support Breast Cancer Research - a pale pink, a darker pink and a green. Each retails for $35.00. 

Choose a piece of Revive Jewelry that supports a cause that you're passionate about, and use code CAFOUND for $5 off your purchase until 12/31/2019.


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