Robin Rhodes Designs, November 2019

The final maker in our November collection is Robyn Rhodes Designs. In addition to being a brilliantly talented designer, Robyn is a steward of the planet and a true and dear friend to California Found. The very best part of this adventure is building relationships with like minded lady bosses - and she is one of the finest. I wrote this about her when we first featured her work - at the very beginning of our journey - and it rings so true, I'm resharing it:

Makers like Robyn remind us that simple is almost always better, that natural beats synthetic, that organic is better for us and kinder to the earth than conventional, and that small business is the heartbeat of our community. That last part? That's the real, real for us. Introducing our fiercely loyal subscribers and supportive reviewers and curious on-lookers to beautiful California Artisans and Makers every month helps strengthen their small businesses - so they can go out and support other businesses in our community - and so it goes.

Our November 2019 collection included the Robyn Rhodes Ronnie ring in silver (Retail: $45.00). Use code CAFOUND15 for 15% off the Ronnie or anything that quickens your pulse at

You can also still get the November collection in its entirety for just $35 while supplies last. Which could be any moment - at the time of this writing we only have 3 left!

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